Karthi put to hardship in gymkhana club

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Wednesday, Feb 29, 2012

Karthi put to hardship in gymkhana club

There is the Gymkhana club opposite to Pallavan House in Chennai Anna Salai which was raised in 1884.  Theater proprietors from Chennai, Thiruvallur, Kanchipuram, North Arcot, South Arcot districts and from Pondicherry arranged for opening ceremony of Theater Proprietors Association in the club.

Actor Karthi was invited to begin the occasion.  He came in a car with collarless T-Shirt and Jeans pant.  The club employees refused to admit Karthi in. 

Karthi was told that he should not enter the club with collarless T-Shirt.

There was commotion due to this.  Even after intervention of theater proprietors the club employees refused to relent.  Following this those who arranged for the event made Karthi sit in the car and rushed to Anna Salai.  They went to a garment shop there and got him a new shirt.  Karthi who waited in the car for half an hour wore the new shirt over his T-Shirt and went into the club.

In a similar fashion, theater proprietors from other districts who came in Dhoti were refused admission into the club.  Purchase of pants was made for those who came in Dhoti.  Then, Karthi started off the Theater Proprietor Association by lighting up the lamp.

Kamala Theater owner VN Chidambaram who spoke on the occasion said it was unfortunate that Karthi was not admitted into the club under the rule which does not permit such attire. There is prevalent situation in many places that we are not able to wear Dhoti and national attire.

Rohini Pannerselvam was unanimously selected the head of the association.  Muni Kanniah, Srinivasan, Aascar Suresh, Srikanth, and Devi Durairaj were selected associate heads.  Hari Govind was selected the General Secretary.  Dinesh was selected the Secretary.  Subbu Lena and Subbu Kasi were selected the Joint Secretary.  Ramanathan was selected the Treasurer.

The committee’s members are Aarisha Arunachalam, Ramadoss, Selvaraj, Rakesh, Mohan, Lakshmi, Narayanan and Bhakthan.  The Tamil Nadu Theater Proprietors association head Annamalai and Joint Secretary Sridhar participated.

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