Karthika reveals why ‘Annakodi’ flopped

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Saturday, Jul 13, 2013

Karthika reveals why ‘Annakodi’ flopped

Actress Radha’s daughter Karthika debuted in Tamil cine field through movie ‘Ko’.  Although the debutant movie turned hit, Karthika has not accepted all of the chances which have come her way. 

In a development, actress Radha approached director Bharathiraja and requested movie chance for her daughter Karthika.  Karthika who has never been to rural places, did a shepherd in the movie ‘Annakodi’ directed by Bharathiraja.  The movie which triggered controversy turned an utter flop. 
Actress Karthika spoke on the movie: -

 ‘I took up role as village girl in ‘Annakodi’.  Before, I was doing glamour roles.  There are unique fans for Bharathiraja.  But, the movie ‘Annakodi’ has not turned hit as expected.’

‘The reason is that fans did not desire to accept me in village girl role.  Henceforth, I would not do such characters.  Currently, I am into Kannada movie ‘Brindavana’.’

‘Recently the movie shooting was held in Ireland.  Since there were frequent spells of rain, the movie shooting was hit.  During time when rain abated we used to conduct the shooting.  Till the time when we had to take the flight, we conducted movie shooting.’

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