Karunaas relates his obsession about cinemas

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Friday, Aug 17, 2012

Karunaas relates his obsession about cinemas

Actor Karunaas commented that cinemas are his obsession.  ‘I think about cinemas round the clock.  I invest money out of cinemas in cinemas’ adds Karunaas.

Following movie ‘Amba Samudhiram Ambani’ Karunaas is making his own movie ‘RagaLaipuram’.  The hero for the movie is Karunaas.  The movie schedules are finished.  The movie is to be released soon.

Karunaas is to produce two other movies.  He does hero in these movies also.

When asked about whether he is into fulltime production of movies, and whether he would not do comedy roles, Karunaas said ‘Yes… I am a fulltime cine guy… I do not have any other side business.’

‘At the same time, I do not desire proclaiming myself as hero alone.  I would do role befitting story.  I would not mind doing hero.’

‘I am not into real estate out of money got from cinemas.  I believe in this ‘reel estate’. More and more, I am heaping up film roles.  I am going for  loans to do movies.’ 

‘Film runs at speed of 24 frames per second.  I do not contemplate anything else other than cinemas during 24 hours.’

‘But there is a faith.  If we do our job perfectly and honestly we can win’ said Karunaas.

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