Kayaar subtly assails Vijay?

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Thursday, Jun 06, 2013

Kayaar subtly assails Vijay?

Movie ‘Madhavanum Malarvizhiyum’ is direction by Masil.  The movie stars, Ashwin, Sija Rose, Neeraja, Ponnambalam.  The movie centres the art of Bharat Nattiyam. 

The audio launch for the movie was held in Prasad Lab Theatre, Chennai, last night at 8pm.  Celebrities as Kayaar, VC Guhanathan, producer Srinivasan and Ponnambalam participated. 

Then, Kayaar made an address: -

‘Ashwin, who is into the movie, has done it well.  There is scope for him to turn a lead hero.  I request that he does not keep in mind the money alone, but also gives priority to good stories.’

‘In present day cinema, if there are four serial hits, the mentality of actors undergoes change.  Particularly, the actor forgets those who helped in his progress.  If those people approach the actor for call-sheet, the actor refuses.  When such actors come for a film festival, they are not able to speak coherently.  At the same time, they cherish dream of turning the Chief Minister’ said Kayaar with a subtle implication.
Noted icons in Kodambakkam feel that Kayaar’s address assails actor Vijay.  Due to this, Vijay’s fans are infuriated.

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