Rajini fulfills a cancer patient's last wish

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Sunday, Jun 10, 2012

Rajini fulfills a cancer patient's last wish

We all know that superstar Rajini acted in a film named "Anbulla Rajinikanth" (Dear Rajinikanth) in 1984 which was directed by K.Natraj.

But he is actually an Anbulla Rajinikanth in real life too. He is one actor who is very good in real life as he is portrayed in the reel life movies.

Few days ago, the superstar came to know that his die-hard fan Karthick was suffering from cancer. Though he was treated with chemotherapy and all other usual treatments, the situation did not improve. Doctors suggested a big but life saving  operation as a last resort.

When this message was brought to superstar through the help of an associate director who was happened to be the friend of Karthick, the superstar wanted to meet him immediately in the hospital.

But the relatives, who were informed of this sudden development, arranged for the meeting of the top star and Karthick on a particular date at Chennai residence.

According to reliable sources, Rajini walked all the way down to the door and welcomed Karthick. After inquiring about his health and condition, the superstar took snaps with the lad and gifted him an autographed memento which momentarily gave him lot of joy.

Unfortunately, Karthick died recently and the death of the hard-core fan whom he met recently has not been put to the Rajini’s ears as late as this news was written.

RIP Karthick!!!

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