KV Anand relates how he took up camera for ‘Sivaji’

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Thursday, Dec 13, 2012

KV Anand relates how he took up camera for ‘Sivaji’

KV Anand, cinematographer for movie ‘Sivaji’, has commented that as both director Shankar and AVM approached him for cinematography in the movie, initially, he firmly turned down the offer.

The rare occasion 12-12-12 turns out Rajini’s birthday.  On the day, KV Anand shared experience with Rajini with much amazement.  Also, he humorously related that he conceded doing the movie as his wife and children pressurized him to take up cinematography for the venture ‘Sivaji’.

‘Then, I had readied script for ‘Ayan’ and had decided to incarnate as director.  Initially, AVM Productions approached me for cinematography for movie ‘Sivaji’. 

 ‘I did not tell any reason and turned down the offer.  Within a few minutes, I received call from director Shankar.  As Shankar’s question revealed his doubt about whether I turned down the venture because AVM pays only less, I conveyed Shankar the interest in turning director.  Shankar curtly told that it is left to me and snapped the connection.

‘As I unwittingly related the development to my family, they retorted saying I should take up the movie. Also, they added that if it is otherwise, I cannot win the bread for the day.’

‘As my family threatened me more and more, I called up Shankar and requested him not to make another person a cameraman for the movie.  Shankar conveyed this to Rajini. For many days in the shooting spot, they used to remark about the instance humorously’ said KV Anand.

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