Lingaa Settlement may get delayed

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Tuesday, Feb 10, 2015

Lingaa Settlement may get delayed

The protesting distributors of  Rajinikanth’s Lingaa , who were promised a compensation to offset their losses, may have to wait a little longer. 

As the producer Rockline Venkatesh had sold the world-wide theatrical rights to Eros International Media Ltd, he is reportedly in talks with them to chalk out a plan for the pay-off.

“As other distributors have also asked for compensation, the producer feels that the entire amount can’t be borne by him. He is still in discussions with Eros International,” said a distributor. 

A source close to the producer said that it is unlikely that Eros would agree to such a pay-off and the distributors who have faced losses might not get a full refund. And they might have to settle for compensation of a part of their losses.


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