List of Exemplary Couple in the Cine Field

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Friday, Feb 17, 2012

List of Exemplary Couple in the Cine Field

Rajini – Latha

Rajini’s romance started with the woman (Latha) who came for interviewing him.  With several actresses making advances towards him Rajini’s choice turned out to be Latha.  The marriage which happened without much publicity is till now the most successful one.

Even after becoming father of two children and having crossed 60 Rajini is still the man of the masses.  The marriage between Rajini and Latha is the most spoken about for the past 25 years. Rajinikanth Special Photo Gallery

Ajit - Shalini

Ajit was rumored with many actresses.  He has tendency to lose his hear to anybody.  The list of actresses paired up with him is huge.  But Ajit’s choice was Shalini.

Ajit still maintains is romance for Shalini.  Shalini has stood by his side during defeats and showered him love.

After a long time the couple has had a daughter Anoshka. AJITH KUMARS UNSEEN RARE GALLERY

Vijay - Sangeetha

Vijay rose in Tamil cine field speedily.  He has had many romances choices.  But Vijay developed love for Sangeetha in London.  Vijay started loving Sangeetha the moment he came across her.  The romance was a well-maintained secret.  The couple is living a happy married life till date.

The couple romanced each other for a long time.  They have a son and daughter.  The love between Vijay and Sangeetha is one among the most spoken about. THUPPAKKI MOVIE SHOOTING SPOT GALLERY

Surya – Jothika

The marriage between Surya and Jothika is the one achieved through tremendous effort by Surya.  Surya waited for long to get his father’s consent.  Both Surya and Jothika abided by each of their interest and developed love. Surya was perseverant in marrying Jothika.  Till date, Surya and Jothika are leading a complete married life.

The Surya Starrer ‘Kaakka Kaakka’ was Jothika’s choice and she stood by him during make of the movie.  Jothika herself related this in interviews.  They are still a close couple.

Surya takes his children out every month, and every second Saturday he celebrates with his children at home.  Also, every year he goes for a tour abroad with his family.

Till date Surya is not at ease playing romance scenes.  He does not resort to anything which hurts Jothika.  The love is a complete one and both Surya and Jothika are fulfilled in their marriage life.  ACTRESS JYOTHIKA SPECIAL PHOTOS

Girish - Sangeetha

The love between Girish and Sangeetha has till date not earned consent from Girish’s parents.  The couple is made for each other.

Girish – Sangeetha couple is a modern and pleasing one.  Both are jovial, naughty and suited for each other.

Jayam Ravi – Aarthi

Jayam Ravi kept is love a secret.  The couple got consent for love through much effort.  But now the couple is happy with their child.

Jayam Ravi readily presents himself in his friends’ marriage.  The love between Jayam Ravi and Aarthi has always been a consistent one.

Srikanth - Vandana

The relationship between couple Srikanth and Vandana is a love – hate one.  The clash between the two was highly uncivilized, but was settled amicably.  Now, both are leading a beautiful life.

The couple proves the best example for persistent effort one should make to marry a person of choice.  They had difficulties in relationship.  But now they are the most exemplary couple.

Udhayanidhi – Krithika

The love between Udhayanidhi and Krithika started in college and now continues after marriage.  Stalin cleared the way for his son Udhayanidhi’s love.  Till now the marriage is an exemplary one.

Udhayanidhi has given full liberty to Krithika.  Both Udhayanidhi and Krithika are providing full cooperation to each other in every venture as making documentary and running a magazine.




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