List of movies released this week

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Friday, Aug 03, 2012

List of movies released this week

This week, four direct Tamil movies have been released in a line.  Those are ‘Mirattal’, ‘Aaasami’ and ‘MadhubaanakKadai’.

Among these movies, ‘Mirattal’ and ‘MadhubaanakKadai’ were released as Aadi Perukku special yesterday.

The movie ‘Mirattal’ is direction by Madhesh.  Vinay, Prabhu, Santhanam and Sharmila have starred in the movie.  It is remake of a Tamil movie.  The movie is production by Media One Global.  The music composition for the movie is by Praveen Mani.

Yesterday, another movie ‘Madhubaanak Kadai’ has been released.  It is a small budget movie.  The movie has been announced as one made for boozers.  The direction for the movie is by Kamala Kannan.  Most of those in the movie are new faces.


Yugam is one among two movies released today.  The story is about how a cranky call creates impact upon relationship between husband and wife.  The hero and heroine for the movie are Rahul Madhav and Deepti. Both are new faces.  Ponraj has done music for the movie.  Pavan Sekar, assistant for late cinematographer Jeeva has directed the movie.


The movie is one that centers bogus spiritualists.  Although the movie was screened to press last week, the movie is releasing only this week.  Shakila does a bogus spiritualist who makes prediction after gulping down beer. 

There is one song in the movie for which even women among press people went to heights of devotion.

Other than these four movies, ‘Jism 2’ is releasing in majority of cinema halls in Chennai. 

Also, the gigantic Hollywood movie ‘Total Recall’ is releasing today.

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