‘Looper’ smashes previous box-office records in China

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Tuesday, Oct 16, 2012

‘Looper’ smashes previous box-office records in China

Hollywood movie ‘Looper’ starring Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon- Levitt and Emily Blunt hit screens across the globe recently. The movie is running successfully in theaters.

The story is a science-fiction one and has action scenes aplenty. The movie is taken at a budget of Rs 150 crores.  Although the movie has not earned the expected collection in America, it has smashed previous box-office record in China. 

There is very strong restriction upon foreign movies in China.  There in China, only 65 foreign movies could be released in a year.  The movie Looper has crossed the hassles and has earned collection of several crores within few weeks of release.  It is expected that the movie would yield collection of Rs 125 crore in China alone. 

Director for the movie, Rian Johnson said ‘We did not dream of such collection in China.  I am in dearth for words to reveal my happiness. I thank Chinese fans’

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