Lyricist Thenmozi Remarried

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Friday, Jun 13, 2014

Lyricist Thenmozi Remarried

Thamarai is a well known women lyricist in Tamil film industry. There are also other unknown women lyricisist too and one such lyricist is Thenmozhi. She worked as a nurse and at the meantime worked as a lyricist too.

It might be because of this she wasn't able to shine very much in the industry. She married one of the well known director a few years back but her marriage life din't last long. Then after her broken marriage she assisted Bharathiraja in his films.

Mean while few days back Themozhi remarried one of the well known lyricist Muththu Vijayan. With the blessing of Bharathiraja they got married in a simple wedding that took place in a temple in Uththaramerur. 

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