Mahesh recounts experience as construction labourer as he does ‘Adi Thalam’

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Monday, Apr 08, 2013

Mahesh recounts experience as construction labourer as he does ‘Adi Thalam’

Director Ilangkannan is directing movie titled ‘Adi Thalam’ starring ‘Angaadi Theru’ Mahesh and ‘Azhagan Azhagi’ fame Aarushi.  Ilangkannan already directed movies as Arjun Starrer Ottran, Kaadhalnaa Summayilla starring Sarvanand, Ravi Krishna, and Khamalini Mukherjee. 

Movie titled ‘Adi Thalam’ directed by Ilangkannan centres life of construction labourers.  Director Ilangkannan made Mahesh and Aarushi carry stones and sand along with other construction labourers in locations in Chennai. 

Regarding his movie, director Ilangkannan spoke: -

‘They started raising construction near my house.  Those things that I observed during the construction of the building happen to be the reason for my decision to make the movie.  These labourers from other places come here to raise the building. As the construction progresses, the concern they show towards the building cannot be explained easily.’

They toil throughout the day and stay in hut besides the construction.  These people carefully raise the building and once the construction is over, they need permission of the house owner to enter the premises. 

Strangers visit the place.  They look at the house, pay advance.   After completion of the construction, these labourers are not attached to the building any more.  Romance blossoms between labourer Mahesh and Aarushi.  There is protest to the romance between the two.  In what way the protest arises, who turns out the reason, and whether the lovers succeed in romance has been related interestingly, stressfully, and such that it is commercially viable.’

Ilangkannan introduced glamour actress Tejashree through number in movie ‘Ottran’. 

Ilangkannan said ‘The word ‘Veedu’ occurs in the previous movie.  The current movie’s story centres a house.  I consider this as a good sentiment’

‘Six numbers have come out of Taj Noor’s composition.  Lyrics are by Na Muthukumar.  Soon, the numbers will turn ringtones in everybody’s phone’, said Ilangkannan stressfully. 

The movie’s heroine Aarushi said: -

‘I did not even imagine that the director would place the brick on my head.  As Ilangkannan committed me to the movie, he said that it is not a jolly character and that I need to toil for the movie.

‘I took it simply then.  But within the second day of my arriving at the shooting spot, he placed the brick on my head.  I toiled in the sweltering heat without wearing slippers.  The movie’s success would help me retain a position in Tamil cinema for long.’

The movie’s hero Mahesh did not suffer like Aarushi. He spoke about how he did not find it difficult. 

‘I am from a very simple family. Before I entered cine field, I have been for construction work.  So, I did not have any difficulty.  Old memories flashed before my eyes.  After success of movie ‘Angaadi Theru’, I was groping in the dark without a person to direct me.  But this movie would give me a huge success’ said Mahesh.

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