Mallika Sherwat says she likes a snakes kiss more

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Monday, Jan 23, 2012

Mallika Sherwat says she likes a snakes  kiss more

Mallika Sherawat, the actress recently related her experience of the kiss a snake gave her during movie shooting.  She said that more than the kiss men give her the snake’s kiss is her preference.

Also, she added that she is interest in men is fading away.  This has disappointed many an actor.

Mallika Sherawat who was cast in ‘Dasaavatharam’ came in a dance sequence in ‘Osthe’.  Recently she is found more in Hollywood movies.  She recently came to India for two movies as ‘Kismath Love’ and ‘Paisa Delhi’.

Mallika Sherawat has made a drastic statement during interview for a daily.  Here is some of what she revealed.

‘Hollywood is lot better than Bollywood… It is very difficult to act in Bollywood.  It is not like that in Hollywood.  There is no ego there.  Also, there is no politics.  They don’t remark at your back.  They speak it upfront.  They are clear.  There is no opportunism.  Friendly and professional approach is important there.  But it is just the opposite in Bollywood.’

‘When I came across American President Obama he was very simple.  He said that the thirst for independence is always there in America.  That is how he has bonded Americans.  That is how he has bonded Americans. Also, he said he is proud of me.  I won’t forget this till I die.’

‘During past times in Hollywood, there were characters in movies putting down people of other race.  One can see Spanish people in housemaid characters.  One would come across American Africans as gangsters.  They portray Middle East people as extremists.  But now that has changed.  This change is obvious after ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.  Directors in Hollywood take up experimental ventures daringly.  That is how they are able to cast me in innumerous Hollywood movies.’

When asked about actor Imran’s statement that there was nothing special in her kiss Mallika Sherawat answered ‘This may be his opinion.  But the kiss I gave to a snake for ‘Hiss’ movie and the kiss the snake gave me back were thrilling. A snake is a wonderful kisser.  The snake is my best lover.’

When asked about who she is romancing as of now she said ‘There is nothing like that.  I am slowly turning a saint. I concentrate in my job.  More than men screenplay attracts me.’

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