Mani Rathnam co-scripts with Rensil D’Silva

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Wednesday, Oct 15, 2014

Mani Rathnam co-scripts with Rensil D’Silva

Rensil D’Silva ia an Indian film director and screenplay writer. He wrote the screenplay for Rang De Basanti which received critical acclaims and won commercial success.

Now it is heard that he is directing a film that he and Mani rathnam has written. When asked about it he clarified that, “It's a film Mani and I have written together. We'd started work on it in 2007, and at that time, Mani had wanted me to direct it.

So, I had just said that Mani and I had this script which I wanted to direct next. It's a biopic, about a businessman's travels and his rags-to-riches story, a man who started his own company and made it big,”

He also added that “And now, I am making this film with Karan Johar. But still, even though the movie is not on Mani, it's got his magical touch in dialogues and visualization of the story.”

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