“MAYAKKAM ENNA” - Director Selvaraghavan

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Thursday, Sep 29, 2011

“MAYAKKAM ENNA” -   Director Selvaraghavan

Director Selvaraghavan is a promising young talent from the nxg who has carved a niche for himself. He never compromises for any reason be it an emergency or a compulsion and treads his path at his own pace which is the reason for the long intervals between his projects.

There is a lot of guesses doing the rounds at the grapevine regarding Selvaraghavan’s next project. Some sources say that it is going to be “Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam” while others opine that it is “Irandaam Ulagam.” Apart from this there is another faction of the media which spins a different screenplay by claiming that it is “Irandaam Ulagam” which has been rechristened as “Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam”

 Director Selvaraghavan opts to let the cat out of the bag and clear all such doubts.

“’Mayakkam Enna’ is the film that is being directed by me, in which Dhanush and Richa play the lead. The plot is about the nxg and deals with their problems” states Selva.

He further states “Irandaam Ulagam” is of a totally different genre in which Arya and Anushka play the lead. I don’t want to talk anything about this film right now as it is slated to take off only in December and all my focus is only on Mayakkam Enna for now. Hope this puts an end to all the confusion that is going around” concludes the Selva.

 The question “Have you cast Dhanush as the male lead for the sake of convenience or just simple because he happens to be your brother” pat came the reply “I have cast him only because he aptly fits the role”

“So what is new about the story?”

“The story being about the nxg in itself is something novel about this film. I wouldn’t claim that no one could have expected such a storyline but since this storyline would create nostalgia in one and all and make them relate themselves to the story” states the director with brimming confidence.


“The entire story revolves around Dhanush and Richa. This story is not about love but love also plays a part in  this story.”

“I never believe in segregating the audience into ‘A’ ‘B’ or ‘C’ class. “Mayakkam Enna” would be appealing to one and all.”

 Most part of the film has been canned in exotic locations in Kerala, Chennai and Coimbatore apart from various other parts Tamilnadu.  

The director confidently states that this movie would be a new wave and has also handled an additional responsibility in this film apart from directing the film. He has taken the role of a lyricist too in this venture.

 Of the four songs in this film two have been penned by Dhanush and the other two have been penned by Selva himself. He states that he has penned the songs himself only because of the simplicity and spontaniety that was needed and claims that it was a new and different experience writing the lyrics.

Akin to the combination of Selva and Yuvan the combination of Selva and G.V. Prakashkumar has been raking success in recent times and the director is all praise for G.V. Prakashkumar’s hard work and perseverance in making this combination a success. 

Dhanush has rendered two numbers Naresh Iyer, G.V. Prakashkumar, Saindhavi and others have also rendered their voices.

When asked “Your films are always fresh and far away from the run of the mill stuff. It can never be branded that Selva’s films would be of a particular sort. Is this a plus point or a minus point?” Selva simply says “It is neither plus nor a minus I would only say that it is a blessing, only blessings guide me all the way” he beams.

 “Mayakkam Enna” is a movie which is totally meant to entertain the younger audience and is being produced by “AUM Productions”

 Ramji cranks the camera, G.V. Prakashkumar has rendered the musicscore, lyrics have been penned by Selvaraghavan, Dhanush. Kolabaskar is in charge of editing and art direction is by Kiran.

Direction – Selvaraghavan.

 The entire filming crew is deeply involved in giving finishing touches without any confusion in their minds  to the film “Mayakkam Enna.”

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