Movie ‘Barfi’ gets entangled in controversy

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Wednesday, Sep 26, 2012

Movie ‘Barfi’ gets entangled in controversy

If a quality movie is released in India, it is usual that a search is made to find out whether it is copy of another movie.  Majority of directors copy other language movies and make a movie out of it.

One such search is being made to include movie ‘Barfi’ in list of copied movies.  In the movie, hero Ranbeer’s mannerisms resemble Charlie Chaplin’s.  Some other people say that his mannerisms bear semblance to hero of Italian movie ‘Life is Beautiful’.  Whatever be it, such matters are not going to affect movie ‘Barfi’.  It would be treated as inspiration.

There is fresh controversy that climax of the movie resembles a Hollywood movie’s climax.  It is expected that director Anuragh Basu would come out with answer today.

If the controversy turns out true, it is utter shame for those who nominated Barfi for Oscar.

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