Movie ‘Dum Tea’ on make to relax youngsters

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Movie ‘Dum Tea’ on make to relax youngsters

Movie titled ‘Dum Tea’ is on make.  The movie prioritizes pop music and the movie is jointly produced by Singapore youngsters.  Few years back, the youngsters started a music troop named Mami Boys. 

The troop was into stage performances and was producing some short films.  Now, the troop is making movie titled ‘Dum Tea’.  The movie shooting is in progress and there are seven numbers in the movie. 

The numbers have been released and the trailer for the movie has also been released.  The story, screenplay and dialogues are by Krisheno and he does important role in the movie. He spoke: -

‘Youngsters sip tea or smoke cigarette when they are tense.  The movie would relax the mind like how tea or cigarette relaxes the mind.  There is a good message in the movie.’ 

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