Movie ‘Midnight Children’ starring Shreya in trouble

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Monday, Dec 17, 2012

Movie ‘Midnight Children’ starring Shreya in trouble

There is imminent ban upon movie ‘Midnight Children’ in Indian states ruled by Congress Political Party.  As Shreya does role in the movie, this development has plunged her in utter shock.  The movie Midnight Children centres novel by writer Salman Rushdie.  The movie is direction by female director Deepa Mehta. 

The movie has other stars as Siddarth, Anupam Kher, and Shabana Aasmi.  Congress cadres are protesting against the movie ‘Midnight Children’.  A special show was screened to bigheads in Trivandrum.  Congress leaders protested saying that the movie has scenes disrespecting Late Indira Gandhi.  Also, the Congress leaders indulged in agitation that the movie should be banned from release. 

Emergency was declared during Indira Gandhi’s regime between 1975 and 1977.  Congress is protesting as the movie centres the time of Emergency.  The shooting for the movie happened in Sri Lanka. 

There is arrangement in progress to release the movie in India.  There is hassle to release of the movie as there is protest among Congress cadres.  Congress leaders are saying that they would not allow screening of the movie in states ruled by Congress.  Also, they are making necessary arrangements to ban the movie from release in other states.

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