'MSV, a humble master'

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Tuesday, Jul 14, 2015

\'MSV, a humble master\'

The likes of Rajinikanth, Sivakumar, T Rajendher, Vivek, Y Gee Mahendra, music composers Deva, Srikanth Deva. S A Rajkumar, Shankar ganesh, singers P Suseela, S Janaki, L R Eswari among others paid their last respects at the residence of M S Viswanathan, where hsi body was keptr for all to pay their last respects.

In his condolence,veteran actor Sivakumar, said, He was an excellent musician. From an off boy to music assistant to a legendary music composer, his rise has been phenomenal. He gave his hard work be it a MGR or Sivaji film or that of a newcomer.

His music was soothing. But for all what he achieved, he was very humble and down-to-earth. His life was an example to youngsters to emulate.'

Enchaining the same, S P Sailaja, said, 'I affectionately call him M S V Anna. Having sung for him,  I learnt a lot from him. The training I received from him helped me a lot. My brother S P Balasubrahmanyam owes a lot of him. He considered him as his father.

Unfortunately he (SPB) is in America. He will be missing him a lot. '

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