‘Naadodigal’ Bharani turns hero in ‘Kannakol’

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Thursday, Sep 19, 2013

‘Naadodigal’ Bharani turns hero in ‘Kannakol’

Bharani debuted in Tamil cine field through movie ‘Kalloori’ directed by Balaji Sakthivel.  In movie ‘Naadodigal’, he did character of person fighting for his friend’s romance to succeed.  In the movie, he receives a blow which makes him deaf.  He turned popular through the character that he did in ‘Naadodigal’. 

Then, Bharani did movies as ‘Thoonga Nagaram’ and ‘Vilai’.  Now, Bharani has turned a movie hero.  Bharani is the hero in ‘Kannakol’ directed by Dr V Ram.  A new face named Karunya pairs up with Bharani for the movie. 

Bharani spoke about his becoming a hero: -

‘Those who entered cinema with me have reached heights of fame.  Only I lagged behind a bit.’

‘Both ‘Vilai’ and ‘Thoonga Nagaram’ did not help me progress.  Since I did not have cinema background, nobody was there to stand by my side.  Only now, I am a movie hero.  I do a thief in the movie.  I feel that they selected me for the role since my appearance resembles a thief’s.’

‘I have shown all of my talents in the movie.  The movie would be a turning point for me.’

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