Nandita Das was in town

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Monday, Aug 24, 2015

Nandita Das was in town

Highlighting the need to do away with the present perception held by society on the issue of beauty, actress Nandhitha Das, while participating in a discussion organised as part of a  wellness conclave being held in the city, said, 'Stereotyping in our society begins at a very  early stage. Sometimes, parents are responsible for it.

For instance, one would have come across parents telling their wards, ‘Don’t go out, you’ll become darker.’ Such   statements and opinions affect the self-esteem of a child and force them to rise to the   standards that society has already set.'

Asking whether such a struggle, imposed on the child, was worth the effort, the actress, added, 'One labors over it and fails to focus on other things such as skills and interests.'

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