Nayanthara’s favorite color!

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Monday, Mar 12, 2012

Nayanthara’s favorite color!

Black is Nayanthara’s favorite color.  She prefers wearing black attire during times she is away from shooting. Nayanthara says she prefers black.  After severing ties with Prabhu Deva, chances are pouring in for Nayanthara.  The directors from Kollywood and Tollywood are vying with each other to cast her in their movies.  So, Nayanthara is very busy.

Black is her favorite color.  One cannot come in black attire although the movie.  So during times when there is no shooting, Nayanthara prefers wearing black attire.

Even her car is black.  When enquired regarding her liking to black color, she explains that it will be pleasing to look at anybody wearing black dress.

One cannot forget Nayanthara’s appearance in ‘Billa’.  She appeared for scenes with black attire and with black sunglass. 

It is noteworthy that efforts are in progress to cast Nayanthara in ‘Billa 2’ at least in guest role.

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