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Wednesday, Jul 06, 2011


Ramlath first wife of Prabhudeva converted to Hindu religion as likethat now Nayanthara also converted to Hindu religion question now arisesIn the year 1999 Ramalath who belongs to Muslim relegion converted toHindu after her marriage with Prabhudeva and she changed her name alsoas Latha. After 15 years Prabhudeva is fall in love with Nayanthara andquarrels arises between Ramlath and Prabhudeva, matter goes to divorce.Tomorrow official order for their divorce is to be ordered.

Nayanthara belongs to christian religion,she is in the habit inattending prayers in church every week,she is faith and pray in thechurch when some problems if any happen to her. The members of thefamily of Prabhudeva are expected that Nayanthra has to convert toHindurelegion and marriage also is in Hindu culture.

Whether Nayanthara is accepted it is not known,If she is not acceptedmarriage by changing rings as christian culture and then marriage is tobe held in Hindu culture. 

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