Nayanthara says she has not contemplated marriage

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Monday, Mar 25, 2013

Nayanthara says she has not contemplated marriage

Actress Nayanthara is busily into Tamil and Telugu movies.  Also, she is out of the disappointment due to love failure.  Also, she chats happily with people in shooting spot.  Here are excerpts from interview by Nayanthara in Hyderabad: -

Question: Do you have any future plans?

Ans: - I cannot answer this.  The future is not in our hands.  It is left to God.  Everything happens as per God’s desire. 

Question: - You seem to be turning down glamour roles very since your role in ‘Sri Rama Rajjiyam’. Is the claim true?

Ans: - I never have said I would do glamour and that I would not do glamour.  It is not in my hands to decide how to act.  Story decides that.  An actress should be prepared to do all roles.  An actress should provide glamour or should make family girl appearance, and the story decides that.  If I like the story, I would do role that is required of me.’

I have done both glamour and family girl roles.  Fans accepted me when I did glamour.  I have three Tamil movies in hand.  I have completed schedules for Ajith Starrer and am into ‘Idhu Kadhirvelan Kaadhal’ starring Udhayanidhi. 

The shooting is in progress in Coimbatore.  After movie ‘Aiya’, I am doing family girl role in the movie.  Although there was a short gap in cine career in Tamil, I am busily into movies.  My cine life is progressing smoothly. 

Question: - When is marriage?

Ans: - I have not thought of marriage.  Many unexpected things have happened in my life.  Those things which need to come, have come and gone. I have not contemplated future.

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