Nayanthara for first time hints on separation from Prabhudeva

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Monday, Apr 02, 2012

Nayanthara for first time hints on separation from Prabhudeva

Recently Nayanthara commented ‘I never thought I would separate from Prabhudeva.  I was truthful and sincere to him.  But he was not so.’

For the first time Nayanthara has opened her mouth regarding severing ties with Prabhudeva in an interview.

Nayanthara has revealed the reason for severing ties with Prabhudeva.  Nayanthara, speaking regarding this mentioned:

‘I was ready to do anything for love. I forsook lot of things for Prabhudeva.  But the love which went till marriage suddenly ended up in failure.  Such things happen with not alone us but with many lovers.’

‘Both in romance and marriage, there are instances when there is no mutual understanding between the partners.  Sure, problems will arise out of that.  Those should stop at a point.  When such things exceed, severing of ties both in love and marriage will happen.  This happened in my case.’

‘I was not able to tolerate certain things.  I was not able to manage the problems.  There is nothing permanent in this world.  People change, circumstances change and individual’s functioning changes.  One such change forced me to separate.’

‘There may be umpteen reasons for my separation.  That is my personal issue.  I do not prefer speaking about it any further.  There is no necessity to bring my issue to world’s attention.’
‘The press spread rumors about me.  But I kept mum to all those.  But now scenario is different.  Love is severed.  It is quite natural that when there is separation everything changes.’

‘There may be 100 reasons or no reason for separation.  I was 100 per cent faithful to Prabhudeva.  But when the faithfulness is not acknowledged there is no other go than severing ties.’

‘I never expected that such separation would happen.  But now it is confirmed that anything could happen in life.  Be it love or marriage, only when there is mutual understanding it would turn out successful and happy.’

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