Nayanthara comes hard upon Simbu

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Thursday, Apr 05, 2012

Nayanthara comes hard upon Simbu

Simbu is pleading not to release reports that Nayanthara is acting in his movies.  But it seems he is sending requests to Nayanthara to star in his forthcoming flick.

Nayanthara has brought this to light now.

It seems it is indeed true that efforts are in progress to star Nayanthara in Simbu’s forthcoming flick.  Nayanthara has nodded in assent to act in the movie directed by Nick Arts Chakravarthy.  Also, she has placed three conditions.

‘An unparalleled salary of Rs. 3 crore should be given’ she seems to have demanded

 ‘Simbu should speak to me only about matters related to acting, and he should not make advances towards me.’

It is being said Nayanthara is very strict that Simbu keeps away from her caravan. 

The producer who is ready to put in money seems to have commented that it would have been far better if Nayanthara turned down the request.

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