Nepolean in Hollywood movie

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Tuesday, Dec 05, 2017

Nepolean in Hollywood movie

Actor Napoleon is playing an important role in a Hollywood film titled Devil's Night: Dawn Of The Nain Rouge. It is directed by Sam Logan Khalegi, who has an Emmy nomination to his credit.

The actor says, 'One of the producers of the film, Ganesh, is from Trichy. He runs a software company in the US and since I, too, am in the same business there, we have known each other well. One day, he told me that he was going to produce a Hollywood film, and when I wished him luck, he surprised me saying that I should act in it.

I told him that I cannot speak English that well and also have some Tamil film commitments. But he was insistent and said that I can shoot whenever I am free.'The actor plays a museum curator in the film, which is a supernatural thriller.

'It's based on a true story and a local legend and shot for my scenes last October. There is still some more work left and I will be shooting those portions sometime this month,' he says.

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