‘Onbadhula Guru’ certified ‘A’ by Censor Board

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Wednesday, Mar 06, 2013

‘Onbadhula Guru’ certified ‘A’ by Censor Board

Following movie ‘Ameerin Aadhi-Bhagavan’, movie ‘Onbadhula Guru’ has been certified ‘A’ by the Censor Board. 

PRO for Vijay, PT Selvakumar is debuting as director through movie ‘Onbadhula Guru’.  Vinay Rai does hero and Lakshmi Rai does heroine.  There are other stars in the movie as Premgi, Aravind Aakash and Sathyan.  Music composition is by K, who composed music for ‘Yuddham Sei’.  The number ‘Vaa Machchi Vaa’ had tremendous welcome among youth. 

The movie shooting for ‘Onbadhula Guru’ is over and the movie is set for release.  In a development, the movie ‘Onbadhula Guru’ was sent for certification by Censor Board.  The Censor Board viewed the movie and gave ‘A’ certification for the movie ‘Onbadhula Guru’.

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