One more from Malayalam

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Tuesday, Jul 21, 2015

One more from Malayalam

Filmmaker Davinci, a former associate of director Shafi, is turning an independent filmmaker now. Davinci directs a movie titled V. 

The movie tells the story of five young couples who set out on a trip on bike to silent valley. On the way they meet with many unexpected occurrences. They continue on as their basic nature is unconcerned and fearless.

They receive a message that they are all going to die that day itself. Even though they were shocked at first, they know it can’t be true. As the story proceeds the audience gets to know about the threats awaiting them..

'From there the story shifts to a very thriller mode and it make everyone sit chilled. Its captivating, edge of the seat suspense thriller. The movie stars newcomers Satyadas, Raaghav, Rishi, Divyaprakash, Ludhiya, Aswini, Nima, Surya and Filgiya. R N R Manohar , Sabitha Anand are also featured.

The one letter word V has a lot of suspense’s and meanings, and the audience will come to understand it as the movie reaches the climax. The movie was shot extensively in a resort at silent valley, Palakkad and on the main busy high ways of Dharapuram near Karur, he says.

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