Oviya and her plans

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Thursday, Dec 21, 2017

Oviya and her plans

Though Oviya missed out on winning the Bigg Boss title, she managed to win the hearts of many. The actress is the talk of the town today. Though she had a jinxed career before she entered Bigg Boss house, today she is flooded with offers.

She had a chat with her fans in Twitter Wednesday.Asked who is her favourite hero she says. She likes Simbu as a human being and Dhanush as an actor.Asked what is the secret behind your positivity?. Ploy’s says, 'I follow what my heart says. When my chips are down,  I wear new clothes and eat ice cream.

I play with my dog and that’s it. I carry myself light and take no pressure'.On her role model, she said, 'My dad is my favourite. I am greatly inspired by him'.Asked if she regret missing Bigg Boss title, she says, Not at all. I won millions of hearts and that’s enough for me'.

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