People who haven't watched Anjaan are giving negative comments : Surya

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Tuesday, Aug 19, 2014

People who haven\'t watched Anjaan are giving negative comments : Surya

Watch Anjaan and give the comments, Please don't give negatives comments without of this film without watching it. There were lots of negative comments being received in the social networking sites and its getting higher each day.

But the truth is that, in most of the theaters the screens are full for another 2 days. It is often said that even negative comments that come can help in the films publicity and make it reach higher. This has become true with this film.

With more negative comments coming by the way, the people are really very eager to watch the film. Usually the press show of big films happen on Thursdays, but this time it was organised on Sunday. Director Lingusamy, actor Surya came forward and spoke with the press.

Surya said, 'Anjaan film has been released in 1500 theaters. they released it in large number of screens so that the fans will not be disappointed for not getting the tickets and this is also the highest screen release in my career.

The film has received positive reviews from all around. The audience are coming with their family to watch the film. Anjaan is not a feast for just five people but its a feast for all. Now whats hurting me is that, there are lots of negativity coming up regarding the film'.

'There are unwanted comments. People are wantedly giving these negative comments, but the sad part is even people who haven't watched the movie is also giving these negative comments. This is not the right way. One shouldn't spoil others future by giving such unwanted negative comments'.

'Our strength is the press and you should write what you have felt. I am selecting each of my film and that's why i have reached this position. Press is also a reason for me to stand here. You have said to good and bad. But don't put thorns wherever i walk. My wish is that i don't want such negativity in this film', says Surya.

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