Police launch manhunt for suspect as Anjali goes missing

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Wednesday, Apr 10, 2013

Police launch manhunt for suspect as Anjali goes missing

Actress Anjali bolted from her house and made sensational complaint against her aunt Bharathi Devi and director Kalanjiyam.  Anjali said that Bharathi Devi usurped her money and that director Kalanjiyam is accomplice to her. 

Anjali commented that she would not return to Chennai as there is threat to her life, and that she has taken up residence in Hyderabad.  Director Kalanjiyam denied the accusations by Anjali. He said that it is a blatant lie that Anjali has uttered, and that he has not interfered in her personal matters. 

Also, director Kalanjiyam filed complaint with Police Commissioner to initiate action against Anjali for causing blemish.  In a development, Anjali’s brother Ravi Shankar has lodged complaint with Jubilee Hills Police that Anjali is missing.  He has conveyed doubt that Anjali could have been abducted. 

Police registered a case and began investigations yesterday.  The police went to the Dasballa Hotel in Mathapur, Hyderabad and investigated.  Anjali was not in the room. They viewed the CCTV footage which had recorded entry by Anjali and her uncle at 8 PM.  Also, there were recorded images of Anjali rushing out of the hotel in jeans pant and T Shirt at 9.15 AM on Monday. 

She was carrying a bag on her shoulders.  She was exiting the hotel with cell phone in her hand.  There was an Indica Car parked in front of the hotel. Anjali leapt in to the car, and there was a person seated besides Anjali in the car.  The person’s full image was not recorded in the camera.  Then, the car sped away. Unfortunately, the car’s registration number was not recorded in the CCTV footage. 

It is suspected that the stranger in the car has abducted Anjali.  As Anjali was gripping the bag tightly, it is suspected that she could have carried cash and jewels in the bag.  Also, the police are investigating as to whether Anjali has gone abroad. 

Already, Anjali’s aunt Bharathi Devi said that Anjali bolted from house following a romantic fling, and that she prevented Anjali from eloping.  Andhra police are travelling to Chennai to conduct investigations. 

Anjali has two Telugu movies in hand.  As she vanished, the schedules have been suspended.  Although the movie crew tried contacting Anjali, their efforts did not fructify.  She had switched off the cell phone.

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