Power Star Srinivasan’s interview after coming out on bail

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Wednesday, Aug 28, 2013

Power Star Srinivasan’s interview after coming out on bail

Comedy actor Power Star Srinivasan, who was behind bars after being charged with fraud, has come out on bail.  Power Star Srinivasan says that he is still the same old powerful person. 

Srinivasan, who was an Ayurvedic doctor, debuted as movie hero through ‘Lathika’.  Within few days of entry into cine field, Dr Srinivasan gave buildup to the extent that he is another superstar. 

Then, Dr Srinivasan turned popular through Tamil movie ‘Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya’.  Then, he did Shankar’s ‘I’, Rama Narayanan’s ‘Arya Surya’, ‘Summa Nachchunu Irukku’ and Santhanam’s ‘Ya Ya’.  As shooting for these movies neared completion, Dr Srinivasan was charged with fraud, arrested, and put behind bars. 

In a development, three of his movies are set for release.  They waited with hope that he would be released from prison, and that movie promotion could be done through him. 

But since chances were remote for Power Star to be released, they decided releasing the movie without him.  In a development, Power Star Srinivasan has come out on bail for two days. 

No sooner than Power Star Srinivasan got bail, he gave a special interview to popular Tamil media: -

‘Tamil cinema would have missed me a lot.  I am in trouble due to somebody’s plot.  But, Power is always powerful.’

Movies as ‘Arya Surya’, ‘Summa Nachchunu Irukku’, and ‘Ya Ya’ in which I have done roles, are set for release. These movies would attract fans.  I am to release my movie ‘Ananda Thollai’ magnificently for Deepavali.

‘When I was in prison, I never felt like I was in detention.  I felt like I was in an Ashram.  About 1400 policemen in the prison were very happy on seeing me.  Also, they have become my fans.  Soon, I will come out of my problems.’

Click here to view special photographs of Power Star who was in press meet for promotion of ‘Arya Surya’ after being released on bail.

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