Prabhudeva desires life-partner

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Monday, Apr 08, 2013

Prabhudeva desires life-partner

The saying ‘As you sow, so you reap’ applies to Prabhudeva. 

Prabhudeva lived a happy life with a good wife and sweet children. But he did not make use of that and desired for another woman.  He desired for Nayanthara and betrayed his wife. 

The repercussions are that Nayanthara also has severed ties with Prabhudeva and now Prabhudeva is pushed to the plight of leading a lonely life. 

Now, Prabhudeva feels that he cannot lead such a lonely life and that he needs a life-partner.  But, it seems to be too late. 

Prabhudeva opened up his heart: -

‘I have heard that life begins at 40.  But, as far as it goes with me, the age 40 is just a number.’ 

‘I do not decide my schedules taking into account just the age.  I would keep functioning always.  They suggest that there should be a life-partner.  Yes, I need a life-partner.  As I return from work in the evening, I desire that somebody waits for me in the doorsteps.’

‘I do not have time to be alone. My days brim with schedules.’ 

‘As I return home, I go for sleep.  In cine field, I have friends in Mumbai and in Chennai.  I have journeyed with them for a long distance.  Among these people, I had not met some for years together.  I made use of my birthday to meet them.  Although I have taken up responsibilities as director, actor and dance director, being dance director is close to my heart.  I stay in Mumbai for work.’

‘I am in cine field for 25 years.  For me to be tight with schedules in Mumbai, hard work alone is not the reason.  Luck plays a part.  I turn back to see 40 years of my life.  God is affectionate towards me.  Although there have been few setbacks, I am managing those and am leading my life.’

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