Prabhudeva parries questions about Nayanthara

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Wednesday, Jun 20, 2012

Prabhudeva parries questions about Nayanthara

Prabhudeva recently said ‘I have completely forgotten Nayanthara.  Please do not ask me questions regarding her any further.’

Nayanthara and Prabhudeva who romanced deeply have now severed ties.

The separation which happened just as their marriage was about to happen created sensation amidst people in the cine circle.

To marry Prabhudeva, Nayanthara put a full stop to cinemas and converted to Hinduism.

Prabhudeva also divorced his first wife.  But, the last minute severing of ties was due to difference of opinion.

Further, Nayanthara commented that Prabhudeva does not deserve her love.

Prabhudeva has now answered these questions. 

Prabhudeva was asked the question ‘What is the issue between you and Nayanthara..? Why did you sever ties with her?’

He said, ‘For this long, I desired to keep mum.  Now I desire answering the question.  But something prevents me from blurting out the answer.  So, I abstain from speaking about the issue.  Do not ask me anything regarding her.  That is over.  I do not retain anything in memory now.  I have forgotten that and am proceeding further.  That is my policy.’

‘Nayanthara regrets that there is no value to her honesty and sincerity and hence she severed ties?’

‘It is Nayanthara’s desire to speak openly.  There is no necessity to answer all those comments.  What she tells would not affect me.  I believe in God.  As per me, everything is as per God’s desire.  God will show me a good way.’

‘About forthcoming flicks...’

‘The Thangar Bachchaan movie ‘KaLavaadiya PozhuthugaL’ I starred in is a beautiful romance story.  I am waiting for the movie to be released.  My movies in Hindi are turning out profitable.  If there are good chances in Tamil, I will be back here.’

‘There is plan of doing movie with Salman Khan.  There is no truth in the report that I am to remake Rajini’s ‘Baadshah’ and that Akshay Kumar is to do the movie.’

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