Preity Zinta acquitted in check bounce case

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Wednesday, Mar 23, 2016

Preity Zinta acquitted in check bounce case

Magistrate court on Monday acquitted actor Preity Zinta in a cheque-bounce case filed against her by Bollywood scriptwriter and director Abbas Tyrewala. Zinta was accused of not honouring a payment of Rs 21 lakh three years ago. 

The dispute dates back to 2013, when Tyrewala had been commissioned by Zinta’s production house to write dialogues for her film “Ishq In Paris”.  

Tyrewala had been promised Rs 21 lakh if the dialogues were used in the film. Tyrewala, according to Zinta’s lawyer, had been handed a blank cheque with instructions only to encash it if his delivery of the assignment was made in time and the work became part of the film.

“But stop-payment instructions were issued and Tyrewala filed a case of dishonouring a cheque payment at the Andheri Magistrate Court,” said advocate Hitesh Jain, 
who represented Zinta.

“The notice was faulty, it named my client as an accused in her capacity as a partner with the firm. But the complaint only named her and not the company,” he said.

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