Priya Anand surprises ‘Arima Nambi’ movie crew

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Saturday, Oct 05, 2013

Priya Anand surprises ‘Arima Nambi’ movie crew

Actress Priya Anand debuted in cine field through ‘Vamanan’. The movie ‘Ethir Neechal’ won her the acclaim as successful actress.  After movie ‘Ethir Neechal’, there is tremendous welcome for Priya Anand amidst fans.  After movie ‘Ethir Neechal’, Priya Anand is making rounds as busy actress. 

Following that, Priya Anand has completed schedules for ‘Vanakkam Chennai’ starring Mirchi Siva. Also, Priya Anand does Adharva starrer ‘Irumbu Kudhirai’, Vikram Prabhu’s ‘Arima Nambi’ and Gautham Karthik’s ‘Vai Raja Vai’. 

From very since movie ‘Ethir Neechal’, Priya Anand’s market is on the rise.  Also, Priya Anand wants to be an inevitable actress in Kollywood. 

So, Priya Anand is revealing best of her talent in these movies. 

Particularly, in movie ‘Arima Nambi’, there is scene showing Vikram Prabhu chasing Priya Anand.  For the scene to be realistic, Priya Anand ran such that she tripped and fell over frequently. 

Then, unexpectedly, she stepped on a stone, fell down and sustained injury on leg elbow. 

But, unmindful of the injury, she took rest for some time, and then did the scene with fresh energy. 

The unit feared that she would excuse herself from shooting for one week fearing the injury.  But, they were surprised at her dedication.

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