Producer Council supports Kamal Haasan as ‘Viswaroopam’ is to be relayed through DTH

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Monday, Dec 10, 2012

Producer Council supports Kamal Haasan as ‘Viswaroopam’ is to be relayed through DTH

Producers have conveyed their support to Kamal Haasan’s decision of relaying the movie Viswaroopam in television through DTH. 

Viswaroopam is movie acted, directed by Kamal Haasan. The movie adheres to international standards.  The movie has been made in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi.  The movie centers terrorism.  

The movie has been made using Auro 3D technique and the movie sticks to world standards.  Kamal Haasan is releasing the movie as Pongal feast for fans on January 11th.  Also, Kamal Haasan has decided to release the movie through DTH 8 hours before release in theater.  This would facilitate fans to view the movie in their homes.  

Theater proprietors have condemned this move by Kamal Haasan.  Theater proprietors have protested saying that the move by Kamal Haasan would result in dwindling of crowd in theaters, and that it would hit them badly.  So, theater proprietors have demanded that Kamal Haasan abandons the effort.  In a development, South Indian Producer Council has welcomed move by Kamal Haasan.

The meeting by Producer Council was held in Chennai.  Everybody unanimously supported Kamal Haasan’s decision to relay the movie through DTH.  Also, they arrived at decision to conduct discussion with theater proprietors and bring an end to the issue.  

Regarding the development, producer Kayaar spoke:-

‘Last year, 129 movies were released.  This year, about 148 movies have been released.  Only 8 among those movies have turned hit.  Such hit movies are small budget movies.  The present scenario is such that movies are censored, movies do not receive theaters, and movies have problems with regard to income.’

‘The new move by Kamal Haasan is commendable.  Producers should support Kamal Haasan’s initiative.  Since the movie is being released directly, distribution in theaters would not be hit.’

Bharathiraja spoke:-

‘When I took movie ‘16 Vayadhinila’ starring Kamal, I made him wear a Langoti.  People jeeringly asked whether the movie would turn hit.  Kamal is one who accomplishes out of trials and tribulations.  The effort by Kamal Haasan is commendable.  Everybody would be benefited.  Through such effort, fans could be drawn to theaters.  I usually do not intervene with regard to such matters.’

‘As a producer, I welcome Kamal Haasan’s effort.  In the beginning, there would be protest to any plan.  But with respect to this matter, one should have foresight.  Theater proprietors should magnanimously welcome Kamal Haasan’s move.  Also, discussion should be held with regional government, and a decision should be arrived at.’

Prasad, member of Film Chamber said ‘As actor, director, and producer we should welcome Kamal Haasan’s move.  Producers should unanimously support Kamal Haasan.  Theater proprietors would not be hit as the movie is released as such.’

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