Producer for movie ‘Vetri’ reveals magnanimity

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Friday, Mar 29, 2013

Producer for movie ‘Vetri’ reveals magnanimity

SA Chandrasekaran directed movie ‘Vetri’ pairing up Vijaykanth and Viji.  Thirty years later, now, movie with same title is set for release.  Although fans are to decide the movie’s success, director Parthiban has taken necessary efforts.  It is not the actor Parthiban whom we know, but a new face Parthiban. 

Director Parthiban decided starring Mano’s son Shakir in the movie.  He took efforts to meet Shakir, but when he saw Shakir, he was not in a good condition. 

Shakir had met with accident and there was a scar on his face out of the accident.

‘I do not have issues with acting.  But there is scar on my face...’ Shakir seems to have said with hesitation. 

Parthiban seems to have said that it could be hidden through makeup.  Then, they put him the makeup. Both sides were satisfied.  The movie shooting was conducted in rapid pace, and the audio launch was done with all pomp and vigour.

‘They said that there was profit of Rs 10 crores through ‘Kumki’.  If I earn such a profit through the venture, I would not take it home.  I would divide it and distribute it for those who are into the venture’, said the movie’s producer, thus revealing his magnanimity.

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