Producers firm on strike

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Friday, Mar 23, 2018

Producers firm on strike

Tamil Foilm Producers COuncil chief Vishal reportedly  met theatre owners, distributors and producers in a joint committee meeting and that the agenda on the table is computerisation of ticketing and abolition of VPF charges.

Theatres that resumed shows today are screening old movies besides Hindi and English films, but the reponse is very litte from audience,The trouble between Tamil Film Producers Council (TFPC) and Digital Service Providers (DSPs) has led to  strike work. For the third consequtive week, never before in the history, there are no new releases in theatres.

TFPC chief Vishal has been vocal in criticising DSPs. Speaking to News Today, he said, 'When we shifted from print to digital, we were promised that there there would be decline in Virtual Print Fee (VPF). But it is not the case.

We end up paying more today. AT a trime when very few come to theatres, we end up burning a huge hole in our pocket'. He also said that thay are firm on their demand. 'The DSPs should come for an agreement understanding the travails of producers and the VPF charges must be reduced, he said.

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