Radikaa’s milestones in media career

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Wednesday, Jul 11, 2012

Radikaa’s milestones in media career

In media, it is said that Radikaa is the person who befits the expression ‘Bold and Beautiful’.  Radikaa’s career in media which commenced with movie ‘Kizhakkae Pogum Rail’ is continuing with small screen venture ‘Chellamae’.  Radikaa, a multifaceted person, turns out Raadan Media’s director, a cine actress, and also serial creative head. 

Let us know form Radikaa the milestones she has crossed:

‘I set foot into cinemas and won acclaim.  Then I started my life in serial world.  ‘Chiththi’ turns out my first venture in small screen.  Serials as ‘Chiththi’, ‘Annamalai’ and ‘Arasi’ revolved around me.  The present serial ‘Chellamae’ centers a family .

‘The story is about middleclass families which encounter difficulties.  The story narrates the greatness of joint families.  Even fast friends turn enemies out of desire for property.  We have related how a family would be marooned if relations sever their ties.  This is the first time Radha Ravi does my brother in small screen.’

‘I like all the roles I have chosen.  Since I relished all my roles, I did ‘Chelvi’ for three years.  I did ‘Arasi’ for two years.  Both are different.  When in leisure, I spend time with children.  My time is spent hearing their problems and attending to their home works.  Then I need to take care of business.  I need to look over production.  Also, I need to look over acting.  I need to take care of children.  Also, I need to take care of my husband.  All of these are there to be taken care of.  So, it is difficult to do more than one serial.’

‘Since I have the fervor to struggle, I have been able to retain the time between 9.30 and 10.00 in the night.  I cannot say it is difficult.  I need to work a lot for my ventures.  Sometimes, hassles turn out very huge.  I need to tackle all those.’

‘Whatever I think and whatever I say is conveyed in serials.  Basically, I do not like to advise anybody.  Whatever be the career we undertake, we should consolidate ourselves in the position.  Thus we would be able to succeed.’

‘Same way, when we skid and fall down we should not keep wailing.  I learnt that very soon’ said Radikaa with her trademark smile.

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