Vikram answers reporters on ‘RajaPaattai’

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Sunday, Dec 25, 2011

Vikram answers reporters on ‘RajaPaattai’

The movie ‘RajaPaattai’ starred by Vikram, was released recently and is running in theaters.  Vikram gave an interview to reporters regarding this.    The questions and Vikram’s answers are as follows: Q: How was your experience in ‘RajaPattai’ and how was it  acting with Shreya and Reema Sen at the same time?

Ans: It was a happy experience.  The song was shot in Italy.  It was very cold out there.  They gave me a coat.  For both Shreya and Reema Sen they had given frugal attire.  Both Reema and Shreya found it difficult to manage the subzero temperatures.  They used to hug each other after every shot.  It was sad one side, and another side it was happy. 

Q: In a song sequence you have appeared in 17 roles.  Is this to vie with ‘Dasavatharam’? Ans: Definitely it is not a competition.  Since I need to adhere to taste of masses I took up those roles.  I like taking pains and pleasing my fans.  You can take it as an effort to win in Guinness.

  Q: Did ‘Rajapaattai’ give you satisfaction?

 Ans : We have given everything in the movie that is needed for mass appeal.  In that regard it is satisfying.  I did not take this movie as a child’s play.  This is a movie for which I have put in lot of pains.  My profession is important for me.  I need to be devoted to my job.

 Q: You could have taken the land scam in a better way…

 Ans: This is not a movie with a heavy storyline.  It is an entertainment movie.  In cinema, one could tell the problems only to a certain extent.  The audience relishes the movie in theater.

 Q: How is Karikalan movie?

 Ans: It is a period movie, but not a historical film.  It will take people by surprise.

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