Rajesh Khera Hungry For More

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Tuesday, Feb 21, 2012

Rajesh Khera Hungry For More

“I am not going to play a father of two children in any TV show”, avers versatiles actor, Rajesh Khera, noted for his histrionic abilities & memorable appearance in “Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin” & a host of other cameos across television & films. How could you ever forget the face of envy in the famous Onida Ad?

The performer is sure there are enough roles that will come his way given his ability to look half or twice his age, as the role demands. “I wouldn’t mind a role where my character progresses into fatherhood over time, but to play the role of a

doting parent from the beginning of a series is a big no. “I dont want to belong there yet"he says with the fortitude of a teen-aged rebel.

Currently in the news for appearing on the Survivor India series, Rajesh,is ready to go the whole hog if an equally challenging role comes his way. It was quite a revelation for Tele-buffs when they saw him sans make up taking on all comers onthe show.Talking about which he says, it was a first time thing for him to experience hungerin its brutal Avaatar. “These were not mere hunger pangs like we feel every other day, when we miss a meal due to some commitments, but Asal Bhookhmari. I absolutely loved coming face-to-face with one of man’s basic survival needs. The one thing I couldn’t come to terms with after the show was, my appearance . I had lost a lot of weight in the show & was looking anaemic. I hated what i saw in the mirror so the first thing i did after the shoot was to go to my mother’s place in Pune & hog like never before”, he chuckles.

On a more introspective note he says “I feel an actor is privileged to be in a position to live a new life every time he dons the greasepaint. An adventure-addict, Rajesh loves the outdoors & has grown-up in the greens & the wilderness.

There is no substitute for natural beauty he feels & strongly opposes the diminishing green cover.

He has loved his tryst in the world of make-believe & is eagerly looking forward to his role in director Deepa Mehta’s adaptation of Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children, which he believes will be his window to Hollywood... We sure think so


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