Rajini plays the Good Samaritan

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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Rajini plays the Good Samaritan

Rajini has made it a practice to distribute buttermilk every summer in his Raghavendra marriage hall.  So as to quench people’s thirst, Rajini has raised a buttermilk vending shed and supervises it with people he has appointed.

He is doing this from 2008.  For the fifth year he is carrying buttermilk vending this year too.  A shed was raised in Raghavendra marriage hall and buttermilk is being kept in big utensil.

Commoners who go that way are given cool buttermilk.  More than 200 liters of curd is being used for this.  Also, there is milk from which butter is not separated.

In the shed, there is no picture of Rajini or his name. Also, there is no information regarding whether he is carrying out the distribution.  The buttermilk shed functions from morning 9 am till evening 3 pm.

Per day, more than 5000 people take buttermilk there.  For every 15 minutes, buttermilk appears from inside the marriage hall and is placed out in the shed. 

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