Rajini during distinction awarded to S. P. Muthuraman

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Sunday, Oct 30, 2011

Rajini during distinction awarded to S. P. Muthuraman

Before a few months actor Rajinikanth’s health deteriorated suddenly.   Following that he underwent a treatment in the Porur Ramachandra hospital for one month and Singapore Mount Elizabeth hospital for two months. After that Rajinikanth has not met anyone. Having not participated in any event so as to take rest, recently he has started taking part in public occasions.

As is the situation, a program was conducted yesterday to award the distinction of ‘Sankara Rathna’ to director S. P.  Muthuraman. The program was conducted AVM Rajeswari marriage hall.  Actor RajiniKanth climbed the dais to the stage without notice. People who witnessed this, cheered him.

Following is Rajini’s speech…

‘Before a last few days, director S. P. Muthuraman contacted and spoke to me.   He told, ‘I am being awarded the Sankararathna distincition. Even if you are not participating at least send me a greeting card.  I will happily read it out in the stage.’  I nodded in assent to this.

Only later I thought, once I have completely recuperated, I should participate in a good occasion. That being my view, there is no other big event to participate other than the occasion of awarding distinction to director S. P. Muthuraman who brought me up in the field.  It is all the prayer and love of the masses and my fans which has helped me recover.  If I speak much in this stage in the presence of bigheads of cinema it is not a welcome gesture.  It is not because S.P. Muthuraman gave me success in 25 movies that I acted in this movie, but because I love him.

When people who boosted my career speak, they say that I should work perseveringly and act in a lot of movies. I am not Sivaji or Kamal Haasan. I do not have the talent as theirs.   All the investment in my movies is my physical briskness.  So, I will act until I am physically brisk. ‘

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