Rajini speaks high of Kamal Haasan in audio launch for ‘Kumki’

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Thursday, Jul 26, 2012

Rajini speaks high of Kamal Haasan in audio launch for ‘Kumki’

Chennai:    ‘It is your love for me that has made me stand with this much stamina before you.  I do not know how to reciprocate.  That is why I am staying away from people like an indebted individual who is unable to repay debt’ said Rajini in audio launch for ‘Kumki’.

Rajini unexpectedly turned up for audio launch of movie ‘Kumki’ starring Sivaji Ganesan’s grandson – son of actor Prabhu, Vikram Prabhu. 

Rajini spoke in praise of Vikram Prabhu, son of Prabhu.

‘Nowadays, I am not participating in any event or program.  If I turn up at one place and do not turn up at another, they would be offended.  In cinema, all are friends.  I am my enemy.’

‘After agreeing to appear for a program, I would be obsessed with the same thought.  That is how I am with regard to any matter.’

‘Further doctors have stressed upon my staying away from events until the resistance in my body is fully restored.’

‘Few months back, when actor Prabhu invited me for the event, I told him that I would not be able to come.  But they said that Prabhu turned up in person at my residence and gave invitation.’

I called up Prabhu and said ‘I am sad that I am not able to appear for the event.  You have given me invitation.  I am disturbed.’ 

Prabhu replied ‘It is my duty to give you invitation.  It is okay if you are not able to come.  Your blessings are enough.’

‘The whole night, I was sleepless.  I contemplated.  It is Sivaji’s family function.  It would not be appropriate if I do not turn up.  So, I called up Prabhu and said I would appear for the audio launch.  Now I am here.’

‘When I was receiving treatment in Singapore Hospital, Kamal had come to the hospital to see me.  Since doctors did not permit him to see me, he returned disappointedly.’

‘Kamal later related his disappointment in not being able to see me at the hospital.  Then I conveyed to Kamal Haasan that, as compensation, I would myself meet him personally when I am back at Chennai.  The moment I came back to Chennai, I spoke to Kamal.’

‘Kamal Haasan is an excellent artiste.  Now, he has received Hollywood offer.  It is not from any average producer.  The offer is from the unit that produced ‘Lord of the Rings’.  Through this, Kamal has won acclaim for Tamil cine field, and for whole of India.’

‘I do not know how to appropriately thank those who prayed for me.  I have not even seen them.  I am pained that I did not visit anybody who prayed for me.’

‘The reason is that I am indebted to them very much.  It is out of prayers by fans and Tamil people that I am well.  But I have done nothing to these people.  I am embarrassed like one who is unable to repay debt.  I do not know how to reciprocate the love.’

‘Artistes like me could reciprocate love from fans only through doing performance based movies.  For that, I need physical stamina.  I am not a director.  I am not a writer.  I am just an actor.  Body is the source for me.  So, I need to take care of my body.’

‘I desire to provide one suggestion to younger generation actors.  They should take up not just one movie per year. They should take up at least three movies.  That is how at least one movie would keep them going.  If disappointment of a movie’s failure weighs over the actor, his concentration would be shattered.’

‘The whole of the cine world would assist Vikram Prabhu, grandson of Sivaji Ganesan.  There are many people behind him. He needs to fear nothing.’

‘Everybody related lot about Sivaji.  I too have lot to relate.  But I highlight one thing.  As ‘Padaiyappa’ shooting was in progress, I spent most of the time with Sivaji Ganesan.’

Once Sivaji Ganesan told ‘You are intelligent… You can hold your head high.  But you know what it is to be humble.  That is why you retain your position.’

‘I desire to repeat this to Vikram Prabhu’ said superstar Rajinikanth.

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