Biographical article about Superstar Rajini Kanth

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Monday, Dec 12, 2011

Biographical article about Superstar Rajini Kanth

Rajinikanth the name is a mantra which bears the success of the individual in cinema field.  He is an actor who mesmerizes fans ranging from children to elderly people. Astounding talent, the perseverance to toil, and consistent effort made this individual Rajinikanth a success in the field. 

His 61st birthday is being celebrated today (12.12.2011).  Even though this is his 61st birthday, fans celebrate his birthday as the first birthday.  The fact is that Rajini has had a rejuvenation after recovering from the illness for which he was treated abroad.

We, the Tamilstar website greet Rajini who has won many fans in India, and also abroad.  Also on behalf of the fans, we forward our greetings on the eve of his birthday.  We also wish him to continue in the field of histrionics and reap success.  We, from Tamilstar website, have gathered some information regarding his life in the cine field, and would like to present it to our readers.


Rajinikanth’s father is Ranojirao Gaekward.  Mother’s name is Rambai.  ‘Gaekward’ is the family name.  Those who are the offspring of Marathi emperor were called Gaekward.

Rajini’s forefathers were bodyguards to an emperor.  Some of these migrated to Karnataka.  Some others migrated to Nachikuppam, a village which is 3 kilometers off Krishnagiri which is situated in Tamilnadu.

Rajini’s father Ranojirao was born in Nachikuppam.  Rajini’s mother was born in Kollekal which is situated in the border of Kovai district.  Since Ranojirao got job in the police department in the police wing of Karnataka, the family migrated to Bangalore.

Ranoji was an ardent worshipper of God.  He was also an honest person.  He was very diligent in his work. So he climbed the rung of the ladder of success and became a head constable.

Rajini’s birth

After the birth of Satyanarayana Rao and Nageswara Rao for Ranoji Rao –Rambhai couple, Rajini was born the third son.

He was born the 12th December, 1950 at 11:45 night.  His star is ‘Thiruvonam’ and he has ‘Magara Raasi’. Satyanarayana Rao is 5 year elder to Rajini, and Nageswara Roa is 3 year elder to him. He has an elder sister by name Aswath Balubai.

Eventhough Rajini was born and brought up at Karnataka, his mother tongue is Marathi.

Rajini’s school days

Even during childhood Rajini was very diligent and intelligent.  When he was five, he was enrolled in Premier Model School in Basavangudi.  He was smart both in studies and games.

Rajini lost his mother when he was nine.

When his mother was in a critical condition and admitted to the hospital, Rajini’s brother Satyanarayana Rao took him there.  Ramabai who understood that her end was nearing, fondled Rajini. She kissed him in his hands.

That was the last kiss she gave to her son. Next day she passed away.

Rajini lost his mother when he was very young and did not have much worldly exposure at that time.  He was not able to realize that he can no more see her.  This is a moving instance of his younger days.

Complying to his father’s wishes Rajini joined college, but did not want to pursue studies.  So he came to Chennai. He underwent many difficulties.  He used to watch cinema with the money he had, and starved the rest of the day.

When Rajini completed his SSLC in Ramakrishna Mission in Bangalore he was 16. That was when his moustache started sprouting.

Rajini’s father enrolled him in a school out of interest in his future.  Out of father’s insistence Rajini joined PUC.  Rajini studied only for a few months.  He could not develop interest for studies.  With the money he was given for fee payment, he took a train to Chennai.

During this time period, Rajini watched movies but did not have desire to act. He came to Chennai contemplating on getting job.

But he could not get any job even after consistent efforts.  Slowly as expenses started mounting, he became anxious.  He joined in carpentry work.

He did not have enough income there. He did not like the job. So he went back to Bangalore.

Chennai again

He joined in a provisions store in Bangalore.  He worked only for a few days.  But he did not like the job and came back to Chennai.

He searched for a job in Chennai.  It was the time when ‘Ethirneechal’ directed by K. Balachander, and starred by Nagesh was screened in Midlands Theater. He saw the film there.

Next day he got job as a daily wage laborer in a construction.  With the money he had he watched innumerous movies.  He was attracted to Sivaji Ganesan and MGR.  He was attracted to character roles played by Sivaji, and chivalrous roles played by MGR.

He used to watch movies with the money in hand, and used to starve for days together.

One another day he lay down in a platform near LIC building after watching the movie.  Police who were patrolling the area put him behind bars on grounds of suspicion.  Next day as they realized that he was innocent he was released.

He did not have enough income.  He decided to go back to Bangalore due to the fact that he could not make the ends meet.

He did not have money to purchase ticket even.  He boarded the train with no ticket and lay down beneath the birth.

Thank God, no ticket examiner came.  He reached Bangalore safely the next day morning.

Nobody spoke to him because of the indignation they had.

Rajini realized that only a job could save his face. So he joined carpentry.

After a few days he joined a workshop.

He did not like that job also.  So he went to a Lorry shed in a rice mill. He got job there.  He had to carry rice sacks.  If one could carry sixty sacks he would get Rs. 2.

Rajini used to carry 180 sacks and he used to earn as much Rs.6 per day.

Rajini’s sister-in-law was much loving towards him.  She always used to serve him whatever be the difficulty and even during odd hours.  This is how his history unfolds until he became a bus conductor.  His friends boosted his morale when he was a conductor and told him to try becoming an actor.  So with friends’ assistance he came to Chennai and joined film institute.

Rajini’s episode in Cinema

He first acted in 1975 in a Kannada movie directed by Puthanna titled ‘Katha Sangama’.  He starred in a small role in K. Balachander’s ‘Aboorva Raagangal’.  He earned name as a villain character in ‘Bhuvana Oru Kelvikuri’ (1977), ‘Avargal’ (1977), ’16 Vayahthinele’ (1977), and Gayathri.    Then he was cast in the hero role in ‘Mullum Malarum’ (1978), and ‘Aarilirunthu arubathu varai’ 1979 and won much acclaim.

He won much acclaim after starring in Billa, ‘Thanikaattu Raja’, and ‘Murattu Kaalai’.  He revealed his facet as a comedian in ‘Thillu Mullu’.  ‘Billa’ is a remake of ‘Don’ starred by Amitabh Bachchan in Hindi.  The movies as ‘Namak Halaal’, ‘Laawaris’, ‘Thirishool and ‘Kasme Vadhe’ became hit as ‘Padikaadhavan’, ‘Velaikaaran’, ‘Panakaaran’ and ‘Mister Bharath’ in Tamil, and Rajini starred in the main role in all these movies.  His 100th movie ‘Sri Raghavendra’ is about the life of saint Raghavendra.

The movies as Annamalai, Baadshah won him the name of superstar.  It is noteworthy that these films are making a huge collection in the box office till date.  The movie ‘Muthu’ won acclaim not alone in India but also Japan.  This is the first movie which was dubbed in Japanese.  The first screenplay by Rajini was ‘Valli’ which was released in 1993. The movie Padayappa in which he costarred with Sivaji Ganesan turned out a huge successs.

After a long interval, the movie ‘Baba’ was released in 2002 amidst huge expectation.  But the movie ‘Chandramukhi’ in which he starred made a record break in the box office.  The movie ‘Enthiran’ released in 2010 broke many a record and made history.

Rajini has acted not alone in Tamil but also Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali and English. The figure crosses 170.  The English movie ‘Blood Stone’, was released in 1988.

The accolades Rajini has won

Rajini has won awards for Padayappa, Baadshah, Muthu, Annamalai, Thalapathi, Velaikaran, Sri Raghavendra, Nallavanukku Nallavan, Moonru Mugam, Engeyo Ketta Kural, Aarilirinthu Arubathu varai, Mullum Malarum and 16 vayathinile.  He has won an accolade for costarring in ‘Bhuvana Oru Kelvikuri’. He won accolades for  screenplay and production of ‘Valli’.

Rajini has won awards as Tamil Nadu government’s Kalaimaamani in 1984, and MGR award in 1989, Osho Bismit award in 1985 from Rajnish Ashram, film association’s ‘Kalaichelvan award, ‘Raj Kapoor’ award  in 2007 from Maharashtra and also the ‘Padma Booshan’ award by Indian government in 2000.

Marriage life

Rajini – Latha couple have 2 daughters and both are married.

Rajini who came up in the field battling many odds, was married on 26-12-1981 in Tirupathi.  The bride Lata is related to Y. G. Mahendran.

During the time of marriage, Lata was doing B. E. final year in Ethiraj College, Chennai. She graduated as an engineer after the marriage.

Lata is a loving person, and has much compassion for fellow people.  Rajini calls her by the pet name ‘Jillu’.

Lata has good vocal ability. She has sung for some movies.

With the intention of giving education to children she started a school by name ‘Ashram’.

2 daughters

The elder daughter Aishwarya was born on January 1st, 1982.  The younger one Soundarya was born on 20-9-1985.

Aishwarya has undergone education in ‘Corporate Law’.  Soundarya has studied Multimedia Graphics.

Children’s marriage

The marriage between Aishwarya and actor Dhanush took place the 18th November 2004.  This is a love marriage conducted with the agreement of parents.  The marriage between the younger daughter Soundarya and Ashwin took place the 3rd September 2010.

Aishwarya – Dhanush couple have children by name Yatra and Linga.  The superstar loves very much playing with his grandchildren.

List of movies Rajini has acted in:

‘Aboorva Raagangal’ – Tamil K. Balachander  18-08-1975
Katha Sangama          -   Kannada Puthannah  23-01-1976
Anthuleni Katha Telugu  K. Balachander  27-02-1976
Moonru Mudichu Tamil K. Balachander  22-10-1976
Balu Jenu Kannada – Kunnigal Nagabooshanam Balan
Avargal Tamil K. Balachander
Kavikuyil Tamil Devaraj, Mohan
Raghupathi Raghavan Rajaram – Tamil
Silakkama Seppandi Telugu Erangi Sharma
Bhuvana Oru Kelvikuri Tamil S. P. Muthuraman 02-09-1977
Ondu Prematha Katha Kannada S. M. Joe Simon 02-09-1977
16 Vayathinele Tamil Bharathi Raja 15-0991977
Sagothara Saval Kannada KSR Doss 16-09-1977
Aadupuli aattam Tamil S. P. Muthuraman 30-09-1977
Gayathri Tamil R. Pattabhi Raman 7-10-1977
Kunguma Rakse Kannada SKA Chari 14-10-1977
Aaru pushpangal Tamil KM Balakrishnan 10-11-1977
Tholireyi Kadichendi Telugu K.S. Rami Reddy
Aame Katha Telugu K. Raghavendra Rao
Galatta Samsara Kannada C. V. Rajendran 2-12-1977
Sankar Saleem Simon Tamil P. Madhavan 10-021978
Killad Kittu Kannada KSR Das 03-03-1978
Annadamulu Saval Telugu KSR Das 03-03-1978
Aayiram Janmangal Tamil Durai  10-03-1978
Mathu Thappadamaga Kannada Bekkatti Sivaram 31-03-1978
Mangudi Minor Tamil VC Guganathan 2-06-1978
Bhairavi Tamil M Bhaskar 2-06-1978
Ilamai oonjaladukirathu Tamil Sridhar 09-06-1978
Chathurangam Tamil Durai 30-06-1978
Vanakathukuriya Kadhaliye Tamil Thiriloga Sundar 14-07-1978
Vayasu Bilisendi Telugu Sridhar
Mullum Malarum Tamil Mahendran 15-08-1978
Iraivan kodutha varam Tamil A. Bhimsing 22-09-1978
Thappida thala Kannada K. Balachander 06-10-1978
Thappu Thaalangal Tamil K. Balachander 30-10-1978
Aval appadithaan Tamil C. RUdrayya 30-10-1978
Thai meethu Sathiyam Tamil R. Thyagarajan 30-10-1978
En Kelvikku Enna Badhil  Tamil R. Madhavan 9-12-1978
Justice Gopinath Tamil Yogananth 16-12-1978
Priya Tamil S. p. Muthuraman 22-12-1978
Priya Kannada S. P. Muthuraman12-01-1979
Kupathu Raja Tamil Ramannah 12-01-1979
Idhaaru Asadhyule Telugu KSR Das 25-01-1979
Alavudheenum Arputha vilakkum Malayalam IV Sasi 14-04-1979
Ninaithale Innikum Tamil K. Balachander 14-04-1979
Andamaina anubhavam Telugu K. Balachander 19-04-1979
Alavudhinum arputha vilakkum Tamil IV Sasi 08-06-1979
Darma Yudham Tamil RC Sakthi 29-06-1979
Naan Vaazhavaippen  Tamil T. Yoganath 10-08-1979
Tiger Telugu N Ramesh 05-09-1979
Aarilirunthu arubathu varai Tamil S. P. Muthuraman 14-09-1979
Annai or Aalayam Tamil R. Thyagarajan 19-10-179
Amma Evarikkaina Amma Telugu R. Thyagarajan 08-11-1979
Billa Tamil R. Krishnamoorthy 26-01-1980
Ram Robert Raheem Telugu Vijaya Nirmala 31-05-1980
Anbukku Naan Adimai Tamil R. Thyagarajan 04-06-1980
Kali Tamil IV Sasi 03-07-1980
Mayadhari Krishnudu Telugu R. Thyagarajan 19-07-1980
Naan Potta Saval Tamil Puratchinathan 07-08-1980
Johnny Tamil  Mahendran 15-08-1980
Kali Telugu IV Sasi 19-09-1980
Ellam Un Kairaasi Tamil MA Thirumugam 09-10-1980
Pollaathavan Tamil V. Srinivasan 06-11-1980
Murattu Kaali Tamil SP Muthuraman 20-12-1980
Thee Tamil R. Krishnamoorthy 26-01-1981
Kazhugu Tamil SP Muthuraman 06-03-1981
Thillu Mullu Tamil K. Balachander 01-05-1981
Garjanai Tamil CV Rajendran 06-08-1981
Garjanam Malayalam CV Rajendran 14-08-1981
Netrikann Tamil S. P. Muthuraman 15-08-1981
Garjane Kannada CV Rajendran 23-10-1981
Raanuva Veeran Tamil SP Muthuraman 26-10-1981
Pokkiri Raja Tamil SP Muthuraman 14-01-1982
Thanikaattu Raja Tamil VC Guganathan 12-03-1982
Ranga Tamil R. Thyagarajan 14-04-1982
Puthu kavithai Tamil S. P. Muthuraman 11-06-1982
Engeyo ketta kural Tamil SP Muthuraman 14-08-1982
Moonru Mugam Tamil A Jagannathan 1-10-1982
Paayum Puli Tamil SP Muthuraman 14-01-1983
Thudikkum Karangal Tamil Sridhar 04-03-1983
Antha Kanoon Hindi T. Ramarao 07-04-1983
Thaai veedu Tamil R, Thyagarajan 14-04-1983
Sivappu Sooriyan Tamil V. Srinivasan 27-05-1983
Jeeth Hamari Hindi R. Thyagarajan 14-04-1983
Adutha vaarisu Tamil SP Muthuraman 07-07-1983
Thanga Magan Tamil A. Jagannathan 04-11-1983
Meri Adaalat Hindi AT Raghu 13-01-1984
Naan Mahaan Alla Tamil SP Muthuraman 14-01-1984
Thambikku entha ooru Tamil Rajasekar 20-04-1984
Kai kodukkum Kai Tamil Mahendran 15-06-1984
Ethe Naasaval Telugu Puratchi Nathan 15-06-1984
Anbulla Rajinikanth Tamil K. Natraj
Ganguva Hindi Rajasekar 14-08-1984
Nallavanukku Nallavan Tamil SP Muthuraman 22-10-1984
John Johnny Janarthan Hindi T Rama Rao 26-10-1984
Naan Sigappu Manithan Tamil SA Chandrasekar 12-04-1985
Mahaguru Hindi SA Ravichandra 26-04-1985
Un Kannil Neer Vazhinthaal (Tamil Balu Mahendra 20-06-1985
Vapaadaar Hindi Dassari Narayana Rao 01-09-1985
Sri Raghavendra Tamil S. P. Muthuraman
Bewafaai Hindi R. Thyagarajan 20-09-1985
Padikaathavan Tamil Rajasekar 11-11-1985
Mister Bharath  Tamil SP Muthuraman 10-01-1986
Naan Adimai Illai Tamil Dwarakeesh 01-03-1986
Jeevama Poraattam Telugu Rajachandra 10-04-1986
Viduthalai Tamil K. Vijayan 11-04-1986
Bhagawan Dada Hindi JM Prakash 25-04
Asali Nagli Hindi Sudarsan Naag 17-10-1986
Dhosthi Dhushman Hindi T Ramarao 31-10-1986
Maaveeran Tamil Rajasekar 01-11-1986
Velaikaran Tamil SP Muthuraman 07-03-1987
Insaab Koun Karega Hindi Sudarsan Naag 19-06-1987
Oorkavalan Tamil Manobala 04-09-1987
Manithan Tamil SP Muthuraman 21-10-1987
Uthar Dakshin Hindi Prapath Khanna 13-11-1987
Thamaasha Hindi Ramesh Ahuja 26-02-1988
Guru Sishyan Tamil SP Muthuraman 13-04-1988
Dharmathin Thalaivan Tamil SP Muthuraman 24-09-1988
Blood stne English Dowhite little 07-10-1988
Kodi Parakuthu Tamil Bharathi Raja 08-11-1988
Rajathi raja (Tamil R. Sundar Rajan 04-03-1989
Siva  Tamil Ameerjaan 05-05-1989
Raja Chinna Roja (Tamil S. P. Muthuraman 20-07-1989
Maappillai Tamil Rajasekar 28-10-1989
Prastaachaar Hindi Ramesh Sibbi 01-12-1989
Chaalbaaz Hindi Pankaj Parasaar 08-12-1989
Panakaaran Tamil P. Vaasu 14-10-1990
Adisaya piravi Tamil SP Muthuraman 15-06-1990
Dharmadurai Tamil Rajasekar 14-01-1991
Hum Hindi Mukul S Anand 01-02-1991
Farishte Hindi Anil Sharma 22-02-1991
Khoon Ka Karj Hindi Mukul S Anand 01-03-1991
Phool Bane Angare Hindi KC Pogadiya 12-07-1991
Naatukku oru Nallavan Tamil V. Ravichandran 2-10-1991
Thalapathi Tamil Maniratnam 05-11-1991
Mannan Tamil P Vasu 14-01-1992
Thyaagi Hindi KC Pagodia 29-05-1992
Annamalai Tamil Suresh Krishna 27-06-1992
Pandiyan Tamil S P Muthuraman 25-10-1992
Insaaniyath Ke Devta Hindi KC Pagodia 12-02-1993
Ejamaan Tamil RV Udaykumar 18-02-1993
Uzhaipaali Tamil P Vasu 24-06-1993
Valli Tamil K. Natraj 24-06-1993
Veera Tamil Suresh Krishna 14-04-1994
Baadshah Tamil Suresh Krishna 12-01-1995
Betharaayudu Telugu P Ravi Raj 15-06-1995
Aadang hi Aadang Hindi Dilip Sankar 04-08-1995
Muthu Tamil KS Ravikumar 23-10-1995
Bhagyadevta Bengali Raghuram 23-12-1995
Arunachalam Tamil Sundar. C 10-04-1997
Padayappa Tamil K. S. Ravikumar 10-04-1999
Baba Tamil Suresh Krishna 15-08-2002
Chandramukhi Tamil P Vaasu 14-04-2005
Sivaji Tamil Sankar 15-06-2007
Kuselan Tamil P Vasu 01-08-2008
Enthiran Tamil Sankar 2010

Since superstar had a health setback during the time of shooting of ‘Raana’ he is taking rest. The venture has been withheld. Superstar Rajini is celebrating his 61st birthday today.

Tamilstar website would like to thank those who are close associates to  Rajini for helping to write this article. Also references have been taken from books mentioning Rajini.

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