Release of Surya Starrer ‘MaatRaan’ delayed

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Thursday, Jul 12, 2012

Release of Surya Starrer ‘MaatRaan’ delayed

As post production schedules are getting delayed, release of Surya Starrer ‘MaatRaan’ scheduled for August 15th is likely to be delayed.

‘MaatRaan’ is movie directed by KV Anand and produced by AGS Company.  Surya does inseparable twins in the movie.  Kajal Agarwal does his pair in the movie.  Harris Jayaraj has done music for the movie.  Actor Surya and director KV Anand gave a combined interview to press on Wednesday night. 

Surya addressed the reporters. 
‘It is 13 years since my entry into cine field.  There was new experience almost daily as I did ‘MaatRaan’.  I thank AGS Company which produced the movie.’

‘We planned to release the movie in 2009.  But due to certain reasons, the commencement of schedule was delayed.  As per me, every movie is a challenge.  As I do every movie, I doubt whether I would satisfy fans.  I need to thank KV Anand.  I cannot describe in words his hard work for the movie.’

Following Surya KV Anand addressed reporters.
‘There is not one scene in ‘MaatRaan’ deriding the handicapped.  In the movie, both the characters are depicted as divine births.  Moreover, many raise question whether the movie’s story is same as Priya Mani’s ‘Charulatha’.  There is nothing in common between that movie and ‘MaatRaan’.  That is one story and this is another.’

During the press meet, AGS producer Rangarajan, producer Kalpathi Agoram and stunt master Peter Hein participated.

KV Anand tweeted in Twitter page that since there is delay in finish of post-production schedules, the release is postponed to September.

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