Revisiting a classic

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Sunday, Jun 12, 2016

Revisiting a classic

Yesteryear comedy entertainer Kasethan Kadavulada, will now be staged as a play by actor and dramatist Y Gee Mahendra.

Directed by Chitralaya Gopu, the film featured Muthuraman, Thengai Srinivasan, Srikanth, Lakshmi, Manorama and Venniradai Moorthy in the lead. 

Says Mahendra, 'We are staging the movie as a play in tribute to Chitralaya Gopu. Such a drama will help educate youngsters about the charm of yesteryear films.

People should see the humorous movies of the past to know the true meaning of laughter and fun. Kasethan Kadavulada is a laugh riot that got released some four decades ago. But it is still fresh'On his part, Chitralaya Gopu, said, 'I wrote this movie in 1970s.

I feel proud of the movie, especially the actors who made it a success. Y Gee Mahendra will play the role enacted by Thengai Srinivasan.

''Comedy is not easy and Mahendra will do full justice to the film, he added.The play will be staged across the country and plans are on to take it abroad too, said Mahendra.

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