Title of “Samaran” changed to “Samar”

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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Title of “Samaran” changed to “Samar”

The title of the film “Samaran” which has Vishal and Trisha in the lead roles has been changed to “Samar”. Trisha, who is playing the female lead in the film, which is being directed by Thiru, is acting for the first time with Vishal. Suneina is the other heroine in this film. Manoj Bajpai and JD Charkravorty are taking up the roles of villains in the film.

The film which is packed with great action scenes and comedy, was titled Samaran in the beginning. But since the team wanted the title to be more brief and impressive, they changed it to Samar.

“The title “Samar” is more impressive. That’s why we have made this change. The important scenes of this film are to be shot in Thailand. We have planned to shoot in Thailand for the whole of May”, says the hero of the film, Vishal.

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